Thursday, December 13, 2012

Anyone Interested in a US/Germany Swap?

Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for someone from Germany to swap with. I have been dying to get Catrice eyeshadows. If anyone from Germany is interested please do not hesitate to talk to me!

I'm from NJ, USA and I'm looking for someone from the Germany to swap with. I can get you various products from the US in exchange for products from the Germany . The only have a few issues, first is that whatever you want has to fit in a USA flat rate envelope. I've had so many problems with shipping to other countries before because anything over 4 lbs will be $50 to send. So it can weight as much as you like but must fit into a USA flat rate envelope.

Secondly, i have had issues with swaplifter, unreliable swappers who made me buy their things but then stopped talking to me so we couldn't swap. I don't want to have the same problem again. For the swaplifting issue, I would really like to see some feedback from you from Makeup Alley or something like that. I have a MUA account so just ask for my feed back. If you have less then me or don't have any feedback I ask that you send first. Sorry about that I just have had so many issues that I had to protect myself.

I'm looking for a reliable, trustworthy person who I can swap with for a life time! lol If your interested please let me know! Thanks!! I have done at least a dozen international swaps before and I have done almost 100 swaps in total on If you would like to check out my feedback my user name on makeupalley is diannekaye.

 I'm a very kind, generous,  honest person and I do not take advantage of people. Now if anyone is at all interested please do not hesitate to contact me! Let's get swapping for amazing brand new products unavailable in our countries!



  1. Dianne, did you find your swapper? :-) I'm not in Germany but I am in the EU and I'd be happy to send some Catrice stuff over, just let me know what is it you're interested in specifically. Since you had such a bad experience (sorry to hear about that, some people are just nasty)we can see whether you send me anything back after you get them, that sound ok? My email's :D

    1. Hi hun!

      I'm really sorry for the late reply but I actually did find a swapper. However, next time I need something from Catrice I'll let you know! Thanks so much for your help!